Jerrica Knicole

Introducing Jerrica Knicole,a versatile artist hailing from the heart of Alabama. With a passion for music spanning across various genres, Jerrica's sound is an eclectic mix of pop, funk, trap, R&B, and hip-hop.
Although her musical journey started in the church as a young girl, Jerrica initially struggled with confidence in her voice and appearance. However, as she entered her thirties, she found a newfound appreciation for her unique talents and began embracing her authentic self.
Drawing inspiration from powerhouses like Beyoncé and Jazmine Sullivan, as well as her own brother, rapper MRTZ Poet, Jerrica's music reflects her deeply-rooted influences.
Despite not having any notable achievements or awards at this stage, Jerrica's dedication and commitment to her craft shine through. With each project she completes, she continues to hone her skills and aims to make a lasting impact on the music industry.

The Music…

To The Moon

Introducing "To The Moon" - A Soulful Uptempo Anthem That Takes You on a Journey of Self-Belief! Drawing inspiration from the infectious sounds of Silk Sonic and the iconic Earth, Wind & Fire, "To The Moon" transports listeners to a world of feel-good vibes and undeniable grooves. The uplifting lyrics serve as a powerful reminder to believe in yourself and your unique talents, propelling you towards limitless possibilities in life.

There’s More…


When Jerrica isn’t singing she’s making beats! Her sound ranges from hip hop, soul, r&b, and pop. Check out her BeatStars page for beats or contact her for something exclusive!

The Podcast

Ghetto Bible Tales

Jerrica is the host of a Christian podcast where she retells Bible stories in a comical way! Head over to Ghetto Bible Tales for more!

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Want to collaborate or just talk? Find me on the following social media pages or email me.

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